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October 9, 2015 - Brussels: 1:34 AM

Welcome to JUSLINE EU!

With the proceeding of European Integration European law became an integral part of every legal activity in practice and science. Considering the large quantity of norms legislated by the institutions of the European Union its more and more difficult to keep an overview of the developments. Although European law is more casuistic in comparison to national law, commentaries remain an indispensable working tool in this area.

JUSLINE has developed a completely new approach to comment European law. This project aims to develop law commentaries in teamwork which are accessible for everybody free of charge. The permanent work on the commentaries ensures regular update as well as consideration of the latest decisions of European jurisprudence and science.

The Open European Law Commentaries are made available by JUSLINE as Open Content. Open Content is characterized by the granting of extensive rights of use, but also by taking over obligations. Who acquires rights by writing or changing a contribution has to subordinate them under the provisions of the Free JUSLINE License which means that he has to allow the use of the new version according to the provisions of this license. This is expected to develop a circle of exchange between the participants.

You can search the Open European Law Commentaries for single laws, articles or keywords. You can look for already existing commentaries. Please note that this service is under construction and support the project with your patience and maybe a new contribution.

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